Fay Pacey Award

The Fay Pacey Award is given out to people who have in the past gone above and beyond to make La Ronge Minor Hockey what it is today.

Fay was an individual who not only sat on the LRMH board but was seen driving other people's kids to games and practises.  Ensuring that everybody had the opportunity to play hockey and that they were treated fairly was her goal.

Previous winners of the Fay Pacey Award include

  • 2012 Scott Boyes
  • 2013 Ralph Senga
  • 2014 Roger Schooley
  • 2015 Donna Carlson
  • 2016 Ron McKay
  • 2017 Dave & Laurie Zarazun
  • 2018 Ryan & Jimmette Cossette
  • 2019 Darcy McPhail